Q. Where are you from?
A. South of England

Q. How long did you do BBG for?
A. About 4 weeks

Q. Why did you stop BBG?
A. Because I felt pressured to stick to the weekly plan and didn't enjoy the press ups (haha) I am possibly restarting BBG soon though!

Q. What's your favourite protein?
A. Any cellucor one, they taste AMAZING!

Q. How do you control your cravings?
A. If I'm craving something - I'm 99% sure I'll eat it, just moderation is key. E.g 1 square of chocolate not 1 bar!

Q. What are your macros like?
A. At the moment I'm on 40% carb, 35% protein and 25% fat. I won't give out exact grams as everyone needs to assess their own individual macro needs.

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